Pegasus Europa GmbH

Within the scope of the Joint Venture Agreements dated September 11th, 1991 between PEGASUS SEWING MACHINE MFG.CO. Ltd., Osaka (Japan) and G.M. PFAFF AG, Kaiserslautern (Germany), the foundation of a common marketing company for PEGASUS Industrial Sewing Machines named "PEGASUS PFAFF EUROPA GMBH" (PPE) was agreed upon. As of September 16th, 2002 G.M. PFAFF AG no longer participates in this joint venture, and the company now officially conducts business by the name of "PEGASUS EUROPA GMBH" (PE).

The business activities of this company are the sales of the PEGASUS products through appointed distributors to the clothing industry in the territories of West and Eastern Europe, North African countries and South Africa. The administration of this company as well as a well-sorted warehouse for machines, devices and spare parts are located in Kaiserslautern/Germany for maximum support/service to their customers. 



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